November 24, 2010

years have gone by

we grew up

at times we grow apart

we chose each other

despite our differences

we stayed together

claiming our success

admitting our defeat

renewing an oath

over and over again

was it chemistry?

King’s Island breeze

sheer terror of roller-coaster rides

the cold ice-cream of forgotten flavor

torn and faded blue jeans

with a mismatched top

was it bits of infatuation?

when we walked together

and the time froze

like short-lived winter frost

waffles in the morning

the almost empty dining hall

the noisiest place would be the laundry room

was it destiny?

the shine caught my eyes

a round diamond on the ring finger

mounted on a white gold band

when white wedding was all I asked

staying together ever since

when love is supposedly to steer

a bittersweet journey ahead

accepting flaws and forgiving one another

is everyday normalcy


Poem for My Princess

November 10, 2010


adalah kurnia dari syurga

permata berkilau sejak mula

mengajarku erti sebuah penantian

menemaniku senantiasa

tanpa ragu dan berpaling


adalah rahmat dan belas Tuhan

pengganti semua kehilangan

penyeri hari-hariku

penyuluh laluan perjalananku

agar dapat ku lewati

setiap inci kehidupan

mencari barakah sebelum menemuiNya


adalah pelindungku di dunia

srikandi yang tak mengenal tewas dan kecewa

tetap menyayangi dan menyanjungiku

tanpa jemu

tiada berbelah bahagi

walau ke mana aku melangkah

kasihnya tetap ku bawa bak azimat


adalah puteri kesayanganku

yang hidup dengan tawa

yang redha dengan ketentuan

yang berbekal doa dan restu

yang solehah lagi cekal

pelengkap segala hikmah buatku

Mandarin Drills

July 13, 2010

We look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays as Liya will teach us new words or phrases in Chinese. She is really into the language. After English and Arabic,  thought the next language will be quite burdensome for Liya. No way, Jose. She has taken the challenge and proven that she could do it.

Weekend with Children

July 5, 2010

Ajib and Liya had a great weekend. They insisted us to buy magnifying glasses. They searched high and low for tiny things. They checked the kitten named Tiara’s fur and nostrils. They magnified fine clauses and glitters. During mid-day they used the magnifying glasses to focus sun rays and cause a controlled fire in Opah’s lawn.
We later bounced a tennis ball and played catch. Soon, they both will try tennis.
No weekend is exciting enough unless we cook together. We baked vitamins enriched cookies. Since I couldn’t find any wheat germ and soy flour, I substituted triple rich formula with choc milk powder fortified with DHA, Taurine, etc.
Ajib also got himself a new bike. He learned to ride a bigger bike.
They also amazed at mom’s skill to get the ripe rambutan fruits from the high branches. In the evening, with daddy’s help a new tropical refreshing drink was invented.
The kids also had enjoyed maksu’s cooking. Ajib learned the proper way to eat with his hands. He keeps on chanting maksu’s techniques.


July 4, 2010

Change is good. Be focused and stay positive. Feng shui may be great in the new place. New bright ideas might pop up. New people to meet. New climate for the better.

“Change is inevitable.”

Let’s be the CATALYST of change – to speed the transformation process, to lead and motivate others, to stay ahead for the objective is clear.

Parenting is all about living around changes all the time. Changes in our habits, behaviors and routines. Manage the changes so that you’ll be happy and informed parents. In no time, you’ll be surrounded with happy and cuddly children.


July 4, 2010

It seems so easy to pick up a dress and accessorize it every time. Well, not so easy as I can tell you. When many of us growing up, strict parents would determine your clothes, schedules, etc. As I am parenting, I try to give choices. Being a psychologist, I want to see the thinking process and discover how kids learn a new skill called negotiation.

Robert Frost’s ‘Road Not Taken’ shares that decision-making can be difficult. Not knowing what at the end of the road is does freak quite a number of us.

To be a good negotiator, one has to have a good communication skill. By this, a child keeps on improving his or her language ability. Of course as parents most of the times we want things to go our ways but it is fundamental to raise confident, determined and principled children. The skills and experiences  are priceless. Those that lay found foundation to many relationships, career choices and others.


July 3, 2010

After grieving over Danny and Saffron, Ajib and Liya is now entertained by Tiara, a female kitten with short bushy tail. Tiara likes to play with the kids and loves to be pampered. She purrs.

Liya has become more helpful. She feeds Tiara and changes the water supply.

Ajib learns to play gently with Tiara too. Guess having a pet at home nurtures good habits amongst children as they learn to be responsible and to show emphathy towards others.